Responding to Galloway’s pandemic reflections

  1. The value of higher ed will decline as people perceive wholly online education to be of lower quality than in-person.
  2. Enrollment will drop, hitting non-elite institutions the hardest.
  3. Many campuses will not close in 2020–2021, but will cling to life.
  4. Elite universities will partner with the world’s biggest companies.
  5. ” ” ” expand massively online.
  6. Governmental support will not return to 20th century (higher than now) levels.
  7. Liberal arts colleges will be attended mostly by children of rich families.
  8. A national service initiative (Galloway offers “Corona Corps” as a name) would be a good thing.
  9. Online learning will improve, especially in terms of technological platforms.



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Bryan Alexander

Bryan Alexander


Futurist, speaker, writer, consultant, educator. Author of the FTTE report and ACADEMIA NEXT. Creator of The Future Trends Forum.