Reading the Age of Surveillance Capitalism: chapters 9 and 10

Facebook: Your privacy is important to us and we’re making big company shifts to protect it.
Also Facebook: Please give us a list of which of your friends you would like to sleep with.

- WIRED (@WIRED) April 30, 2019

Doctors, accountants, and attorneys are held to account by mutual dependencies and reciprocities dictated by the extensive institutionalization of professional education, codes of conduct, and procedures for evaluation and review. Violation of these rules risks punishment in the form of professional sanction and public law. Google and its brethren in surveillance capitalism bear no such risks. (256)

This is the commercial context in which Kaliouby came to feel that it is perfectly reasonable to assert that an “emotion chip” will become the base operational unit of a new “emotion economy.” She speaks to her audiences of a chip embedded in all things everywhere, running constantly in the background, producing an “emotion pulse” each time you check your phone: “I think in the future we’ll assume that every device just knows how to read your emotions.”(289)

There was a time when you searched Google, but now Google searches you. (262)



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