So this happened, as they say:

That was yesterday morning.

To back up and explain: I’ve avoided COVID since the start. I’ve masked, social distanced, vaccinated, shunned people, the works. But lately clients have been wanting more in-person experience, especially since (as the president said) “the pandemic is over.”

Earlier last week I participated in an international conference (live blogs 1, 2, 3). Two days ago (Thursday) I started feeling poorly. Symptoms were classic cold stuff: coughs, sore throat, soreness, head pain, some hot flashes. I took a COVID test and it came up negative. So I went to Georgetown for class — socially distanced, masked — along with a video meeting and the Forum. As usual work energizes me. I didn’t feel tired until I got home, and that just made sense after a long day and a long week without enough sleep.

On Friday the symptoms persisted, so I medicated with allergy pills, sudafed, herbal tea. Hot showers did wonders. I didn’t take time off, but worked my usual schedule.

Saturday morning I woke up several times with coughing. Throat soreness was still going on, so I took the COVID test. That means the whole deal: poking myself in the nose, squirting fluid into a tube, squeezing the thing, dripping onto a cartridge, then waiting 15 minutes.

That second line appeared and hit me like a hammer. If you look at the photo you can see it wasn’t a faint line, but a solid and clear one. Still, I reasoned that these kits sometimes give false results, so I took a second. *Immediately* the second line appeared, clear as could be. My wife told me it was certainly positive. I insisted on waiting the full 15 minutes to be sure. Positive it was.

I’m writing about this because I’ve been studying COVID since the start, so it’s appropriate to report my first personal experience with the bastard. Perhaps this will be useful to some people, especially in the future.

After the results appeared I relocated to my bed and set up shop: laptop and power supply, phone and ditto, a tack of handkerchiefs. My wife opened a window to improve ventilation then closed the door on my confinement. She and my daughter have been taking turns bringing me hot water and herbal tea.



Bryan Alexander

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